Mr. Manuel Martinez (top left)is the Head Instructor and Partner along with Master
Tony Yu of the Power Kick USA of Somerset, LLC.  Manuel Martinez has obtained a
3rd Degree Black Belt in TAE KWON DO.  He has over 14 years Martial Arts
experience, the bulk of these years under the leadership of Master Tony Yu in
Somerset, NJ.  Mr. Martinez emphasizes patience, relaxation and fluidity in his
teaching and focuses on self-defense and other practical applications of Tai Chi and
the Martial Arts. Actively involve in the New Jersey Tae-kwon-do Association and the
United States Tae-kwon-do Union (USTU).
Mr Martinez and Master Yu
Who is Master Yu?              
Master Tony Yu (top right) is the Chief Instructor and President of the  Power Kick
USA Association.  He has over 30 years of Martial Arts experience with a 8th Degree
Black Belt in Hard and Soft Arts.  He is a Master in all Special Weapons. Training
involvement in different organizations.
  • Power Kick U.S.A. Association
  • World Tukong Moosul Federation
  • Korean Tae Kwon Do
  • NJ Chairman for the Association of Violence Prevention Education
  • US Open National Champion 1982-1984
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Who is Mr. Martinez?
Who is Ms. Martinez?
Ms. Neida Martinez is the Office Manager and wife of Mr. Manuel Martinez.  She is
congenial, personable and very helpful with a great personality.